Course Catalogue

  • Leadership and Management

    Effective Leadership – view pdf
    Are you aware of the impact your management leadership style has on others? Is it the most appropriate for enabling others to perform and achieve results? This one or two day course will provide delegates with a range of management leadership styles and the ability to judge when best to use each of them.

    Introduction To Management – view pdf
    This intensive two-day program introduces the new manager to the fundamentals of the managerial role. The course combines the essential skills of time management, leadership skills, managing people and their performance, planning and change management.

    Challenging Poor Performance – view pdf
    Managers and team leaders have a key role to play in organisations – particularly getting the best out of their team.  Sometimes a manager may face situations where they need to improve performance either of the whole team or individuals.  This course outlines how managers can improve performance in an effective way without having a negative or adverse impact.

    Change Management – view pdf
    Managing change successfully is an essential management skill in today’s fast-paced business world. This course introduces participants to a range of change management principles, practices and techniques, to ensure that implementation of change is successfully and seamlessly managed throughout the organisation.

    Developing Team Performance – view pdf
    Successful companies realise that in an effective team, all members are committed and responsible for output. Because of this, team building skills are important not only for those who lead teams, but also for those who work as part of a team.  This carefully structured, hands-on two day workshop equips both leaders of teams and team members with the vital skills they need to build powerful teams.

    Effective Appraisals – view pdf
    Appraisals are a vital to the successful running of any organisation.  When conducted successfully, the appraisal process can motivate staff, decrease staff turnover and improve results.  This course focuses on equipping delegates with an understanding of the processes of preparation, appraisal, feedback and monitoring.  It provides support to develop the crucial skills, techniques and strategies to allow managers to implement effective appraisal systems.

    Effective Communication – view pdf
    Good communication is fundamental in all aspects of your working life. Breakdowns in communication affect customers’ satisfaction, working relations within the team and with work colleagues and result in a lower rate of productivity.

    Influencing People – view pdf
    This course enables the delegate to act with greater precision and credibility when communicating with other people.  It explores the effect communication styles and interpersonal skills have on the ability to persuade others, and will help the delegate develop powerful techniques to put across ideas in a dynamic winning way.

    Managing Conflict in the Workplace – view pdf
    With employees facing ever increasing levels of aggression in the workplace, conflict management is vital.  This course focuses on equipping the delegate with the skills to cope effectively when conflicts occurs, and be able to reduce the likelihood of it arising in the first place.

    Managing Effective Meetings – view pdf
    Meetings can be enormously resourceful events or they can be a drain on time, energy and motivation.   This course enables delegates to learn the skills, techniques and strategies to plan, lead and participate effectively in meetings of all kinds: from impromptu, on the spot discussions between colleagues, to formal presentations and meetings with external suppliers or clients.

    Managing People – view pdf
    This course equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enhance their ‘people skills’.  It focuses on improving your self-understanding and personal effectiveness as well as developing an understanding of what motivates other people.

    MBTI Workshop – view pdf
    The quality of working relationships, both within a team and with colleagues in any business, is fundamental to its success. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) allows people to develop a deeper understanding of their own preferred style and impact in the workplace, and therefore gain some insights into how they might sometimes need to adjust their “natural” style to get good results.

    Motivation Workshop – view pdf
    Everyone faces frustrations in their life, both at home and at work, but the key to being successful in life and at work is handling your frustrations.  How you react to frustration will depend in part on your personality, but you can choose how you react.  This workshop offers a practical guide on what motivates and de-motivates people. It also examines how to maximise performance and achieve the best results from individuals and teams.

    Performance Management – view pdf
    This course equips participants with practical tools and techniques to ensure staff achieve peak performance. It covers dealing with poor performers, enhancing the performance of those performing at a satisfactory level and developing the ‘stars’.

    One to One Mentoring Program – view pdf
    This program consists of 4 modules and is aimed at ensuring that coaching and personal development is embedded into working practice.

    Presentation Skills – view pdf
    This course offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves, get your message across memorably, structure your material for the best impact and present effectively to audiences of varied sizes.   It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to develop and practise your skills in a supported environment.

    Supervisor Skills – view pdf
    This course focuses on understanding the role of a supervisor / team leader and the importance of developing the skills required to be successful in this role.

    Team Building – view pdf
    Working as part of a team is crucial to the success of any organisation.  This course focuses on how to build a successful team, and equips the delegate with essential leadership techniques and strategies for getting the most out of their team.

    Managing Home Workers Effectively – view pdf
    Managing home working staff requires a different approach to communication and performance management to be successful.  Setting simple ground rules can provide the framework for a flexible workforce that meets organisational needs at the same time as benefiting work-life balance.

  • Personal Development

    Achieving Excellence in Customer Service – view pdf
    This one day course aims to help delegates to explore the concept of excellent customer service and how that differs from acceptable or poor service.  It is an intense, powerful and interactive course designed to encourage delegates to question their own behaviours and to consider how they can change for the better.

    Assertiveness and Self Esteem – view pdf
    Lack of confidence and low self-image often contribute to passive behaviour in working relationships. Assertive behaviour significantly enhances working relationships and improves people’s personal effectiveness.  This course helps people understand why colleagues behave the way they do and learn assertive techniques that will enhance working relationships.

    Body Language – view pdf
    This one day course focuses on raising individual’s awareness of the messages we are giving and receiving ‘out of awareness’.  Reminding us that communication goes on at every level, whether we speak or not and to ensure that we have total congruity when relating to others.

    Anger Management – view pdf
    This one day workshop focuses on the basic tools of anger management.  It aims to help participants to develop a greater understanding of their anger and to learn and practise effective anger control techniques.

    Customer Relationship Management – view pdf
    This one day course challenges delegates to address customer relationship issues in a practical way that clarifies the relationship between customer care and overall business strategy.

    Dealing with Difficult People – view pdf
    Developing your understanding of behavioural types is the first step in formulating a way of dealing confidently with difficult people and situations.

    Effective Working Relationships – view pdf
    This course focuses on understanding your role within the organisation and the importance of effective working relationships with peers and colleagues to achieve your goals and targets.

    Improving Professional Skills – view pdf
    This intensive 1 day course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn key professional skills. The course covers a number of core skills in bite size chunks, tailored to the delegates needs.

    Managing Stress and Pressure – view pdf
    This practical course is designed to help participants to better understand, manage, and prevent stress.  It focuses on finding solutions and using the tools available, in order to perform at their own optimum level and enjoy their work.

    Self Management – view pdf
    Delegates will analyse how they are using their time and the methods they use when working towards achieving goals.   They will determine what their objectives should be, what success looks like and what they need to put in place to achieve this.

    Telephone Etiquette – view pdf
    This interactive one day course will ensure that your staff always project the correct image to your potential customers and clients, ensuring your company stands out from the crowd.  It is written with both the customer and the organisation in mind and focuses on maximising service and customer care.

    Time Management – view pdf
    Do you feel like you’re always in a rush to get things done on time?  This practical, one day course focuses on developing time and self management systems so delegates can learn to be less stressed and achieve tasks more efficiently at work.

    Home Working Toolkit – view pdf
    This course is designed to ensure that all employees who work from home do so in an efficient, consistent and legally compliant manner.  Delegates will gain the practical skills to develop and implement a framework for successful time management to be put into practice for successful home working.

  • Sales

    Negotiation Skills – view pdf
    This 1 day course will help delegates to employ practical skills to conduct win-win negotiations, both with external organisations, suppliers or customers, and with colleagues and internal personnel.

    Sales for Non Sales People – view pdf
    This 1 day course focuses on enabling delegates to understand, practice and develop the understanding, skills and techniques they need to feel comfortable in their role and make more sales!

    Sales Force Performance Management – view pdf
    Unless there is continuous development of individuals and teams within any organisation, performance will not improve.  This one day course aims to equip delegates with the necessary skills to effectively and confidently manage individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance.

    Sales Skills Workshop – view pdf
    This interactive seminar will give you practical tools to use straight away to help you feel more confident in improving and optimising your current customer relationships to attract new business

    Time Management – view pdf
    Do you feel like you’re always in a rush to get things done on time?  This practical, one day course focuses on developing time and self management systems so delegates can learn to be less stressed and achieve tasks more efficiently at work.